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The first system is a three-dimensional multicomponent Print


Connex500 ™ - the first system of three-dimensional printing, applying multiple model materials simultaneously. This provides a unique opportunity to manufacture and assemble parts made ​​of different materials with different mechanical and physical properties at a time. In addition, to provide a revolutionary new materials for Connex500 Digital Materials ™, allowing you to create composite materials with the predetermined mechanical properties.
Using technology PolyJet Matrix ™, Connex500 simultaneously uses two model material FullCure and can get dozens of different composite Digital Materials™. In addition, it can print pictures from one of the available materials FullCure.
Using Digital Materials, Connex500 allows obtaining parts with predetermined properties, depending on how the final product must be. This property opens up new opportunities for you to get as close to the real parts of prototypes in the early stages of development of full-scale tests and simulation of casting processes.
Details obtained at the Connex500 have a smooth and durable surface, the details of the excellent and superb quality. Such quality and unique opportunity allows you to print a multicomponent work appearance, tactile and functional properties of a wide range of products.
Key Benefits:
Unbeatable approximation to the actual final product

  • Prototyping with different mechanical properties makes it possible to shorten the development cycle.
  • Exact reproduction type tactile and functional characteristics of the final product due to the choice of material.
  • Getting prototypes close to real produtku mechanical properties and material combinations (multicomponent casting, with mortgages).
  •  Saves time when prototyping a complex and expensive -injection.
  • Lessens the need for silicone casting and preparation of materials for the final product due to the possibility of the early stage of developing rich test prototypes obtained by Connex500.
  • Reducing time and cost in the development of products requiring manufacturing and subsequent gluing / assembling parts of different materials.
  • Simplifies the process of discussing the various departments and decision-makers, such as research units, internal / external customers, engineers, marketers, sales and management

Wide range of materials

  • Using photopolymers FullCure ® company Objet produces prototypes with a wide selection of mechanical and physical properties
  • Digital Materials ™ - the composite material obtained by mixing the two materials in a certain proportion FullCure applied and an appropriate method for obtaining the necessary mechanical properties

Various methods of constructing

New opportunities through multi print :

  • Mixed Parts - parts print mode using multiple model materials FullCure; eliminates the need for manufacturing and bonding various parts parts, reducing the time and getting a prototype post- processing operations
  • Digital Materials - printing mode using the composite material of any two FullCure model materials in certain proportions and applied an appropriate way to obtain the required mechanical properties. This allows to reproduce the final product in the early stages of development.
  • Mixed Tray - mode printing parts from different materials simultaneously. Sohranaet time and material when replaced.

Easy change the print mode - it can be used in any application:

  • Print Mode Digital Material (DM) operated at a film thickness of 30 microns. Allows to produce parts from a variety of materials, including digital Digital Materials.
  • Print Mode High Quality (HQ) allows to produce prototypes of the same material with a layer thickness of 16 microns.
  • Print Mode High Speed ​​(HS) enables to produce prototypes of a single material with a layer thickness of 30 microns.

User selection of the prototype material , the speed of construction and resolving power depending on the specific tasks

Unsurpassed quality and accuracy

  • Allows us to achieve the highest quality on all your items , regardless of their complexity.
  • Maximum resolution ( in the X and Y - 600 DPI) allows to make models with small elements in all axes without losing speed
  • The smooth surface of the prototype - No effect of steps on curved surfaces
  • Potsroeniya opportunity to 0.6mm thin walls
  • Layer thickness 16mkm
  • Ultrahigh detailing at any size

Outstanding performance

  • The large size of the working area 500x400x200mm saves time for all types of items:
  • Production of large parts at one time without the need for subsequent bonding
  • The simultaneous fabrication of a large number of parts of one or more materials

Clean, smooth surface

  • Removable support allows to produce parts with any geometry
  • Possibility of constructing a smooth inner and outer surfaces , including enclosed areas without traces Supports
  • No need for finishing and postprocessing operations

Technical characteristics:

The size of the working zone, mm


Resolution of the axes X-Y-Z, dpi


Data communication 

on the network protocol TCP / IP

Materials supported by the system

FullCure 720, Vero, Tango, Durus, DM

layer thickness

16mkm or 30mkm 


20 85mkm Ramer at least 50 mm to 200 microns for large items (depending on the geometry) 

Input formats




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