Digital ballistic computer ВБЦ88



Digital Ballistic Computer is intended for calculation of aiming angles and side leading at different firing conditions and types of ammunition.

Distinguishing features in comparison to analogues:

- Digital version and volume of reserve memory provide easy upgrading of computer by way of software adjustment (addition of new ballistics, introduction of nested menu, introduction of additional parameters to available switch slots).

- Availability of information display, which displays selected parameters: target range, air and round temperature, number of 30-mm gun shots, 100-mm projectile batch deviation.

- In-built self-testing - READY indicator.

- Possibility of whether station connection through serial communication channel RS-422 or CAN (automatic input of air and round temperature, atmospheric pressure, speed and direction of the wind). Availability of whether station operation indicator.

- Availability of the face plate light module, which corresponds to the ergonomics requirements of commander and gunner seats.

- Simple adjustment of parameters’ rate: alpha and beta output signals’ rate, target angle speed rate, vehicle speed adjustment coefficient. These parameters are adjusted on БО6С1 by pushing buttons Up/Down, on 1В539 – with the help of trimming resistors.

- Manual range input is carried out with the help of computer panel.

- Data transmission is carried out through CAN. Ability to operate in digital combat information and control systems.

- There are no variable resistors of parameters’ input, which could influence the accuracy of corrections’ input and computer reliability.

- Adjustment controls of the computer are sealed and protected from unauthorized access.

- Digital panel and transmission of data through digital communication line allow commander to control accuracy of gunner’s actions, conduct training operations.

- Weight -3.2 kg.

- Low production cost.


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Digital ballistic computer ВБЦ88

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