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Self contained disel power unit DEA-2/ДЭА-2



The compact remote diesel power unit used for special-purpose vehicles DEA-2/ДЭА-2 is destined for power supply of electric power consumers and recharge of storage batteries (SB) with the vehicle main engine shut down. The power unit design version is corresponding to its use requirements – remote version – with a set of 15 meters cables, and also as a part of a vehicle. The special-design start-and-adjustment equipment ensures the supplied voltage stability. The power unit can be started either manually or using starter. Remote start and stop of the engine are possible. As well as it is possible to supply the power unit with diesel fuel using the vehicle main fuel tank.

Technical characteristics:

Electric capacity, kW


Supply voltage, V


 Nominal current, А


 Operation mode




Engine operational frequency, rpm


Dimensions (LхWхH), mm

- independent

- fixed




Weight, kg

- independent

- fixed




Maximum fuel consumption, l/h


Control system

Integrated automatic

Main start


Backup start

Manual drive

SB for start and operation

24V, not less than 55Ah


Ambient temperature, ºС




Altitude above sea level, m

Up to 4000

Control system assures:

• Power unit start manually or using electric starter, with SB available or not.

• Power unit remote start/stop using control panel.

• Automatic protection of on-board power system against voltage overshoot at intensive load switch-off.

• Protection against inverse current.

• Indication of power unit operation parameters (output voltage, current, running time) on alphanumeric display panels.

• Reminding about necessity to carry out maintenance of power unit after 125, 250, 500 operation hours.

• Power unit stop and indication of the reason of the stop on alphanumeric display panel:

- at decrease of oil pressure in engine lubrication system;

- engine head overheat; - output overvoltage.

• Possibility of operation without buffer SB.

• Possibility of operation either using inbuilt fuel tank or using main tanks of the vehicle.

• Control of operation and transmission of parameters of power unit functioning through communication circuit CAN to the on-board informational system of the vehicle.


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Self contained disel power unit DEA-2/ДЭА-2

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Self contained disel power unit DEA-2/ДЭА-2

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