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Air conditioner- power unit KE.000-03/КЭ.000-03



- Enhancement of BMP-3 combat readiness and power capacity;

Saving life of the main engine:

- Power supply of BMP-3 electric equipment (FCS, radio, and etc);

- Automatic charging of BMP-3 main storage batteries;

- Start of BMP-3 main engine with BMP-3 storage batteries fully discharged;

Comfortable air-cooling in BMP-3 fighting compartment and infantry compartment. Cool air supply to crewmen’s breath zone.

Long vehicle floatability with the main engine shut down/broken.

Technical characteristics:

 Cooling capacity, kW

 Not less than 8.0

  Air flow,

- Min, l/s

- Max, l/s





 Рабочая Operating temperature (ambient temperature), °С

from -20 to +50

 Air humidity, %

to 98

 Output voltage of power unit

 27 V 

 Air-conditioner – power unit start:

- Main start – from BMP-3 main storage battery

- Emergency start – from external automobile SB, 12V, capacity not less than 55A*h, or from 24V source from another BMP-3 via external startup outlet



Consumed fuel

 Diesel from BMP-3 main tanks

 Continuous operation time, h

Up to 125

 Fuel consumption, kg/hour

not more than 3.5

Refrigerant type


 Inbuilt automatic fire-extinguishing system


  ACPU independent systems operation in chassis and turret


 Operation of BMP-3 electric eject pumps when floating with the main engine shut down


Advantages over analogues:

- Operates on land and on water without preliminary preparation

- System installation is carried out without any modification of BMP-3 existing systems

- Does not change main fighting characteristics of BMP-3

- Easy to maintain and repair

- Provides high quality of the supplied electric power. Low pulsation level.

- Has individual air flow regulators for each crewman and separate air cooling regulators

- Supplies cool air to the commander’s and gunner’s faces independent of the turret position

- Provides possibility of cool air supply to the driver when travelling

- Provides long operation time due to the fuel supply via main fuel system

- Power unit engine uses the same oil as BMP-3 main engine

- Power unit - air conditioner automatically distributes engine power between air-conditioner and power unit, the priority is given to power unit

- Air for the inside power unit goes through three cleaning cycles

Low noise level when operating


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