Air conditioner KShM2/КШМ2



- Air conditioner KShM2/КШМ2 is destined for supply of cooled air the crew of the members breath zone in a vehicle at ambient temperature from plus 20 C up to plus 50 C with the purpose of creating comfortable operational conditions. - AC is mounted on board of a vehicle having on- board power supply system of 27V DC. System type- distributed, permitting to install actuating elements at a distance, that makes assembly procedure easier.

Technical characteristics:

 Supply voltage, V


 Consumed power, kW

2, not less

 Consumption current, A

80, not exceeding

 Cooling capasity at temperature +50 C, W

 3000, not less

Noise level created inside of vehicle, dB

 70, not exceeding

Total consumption of conditioned air, m3/Hour   

 360, not less

 Weight, kg

78, not exceeding

Run temperature

 from -50 up to + 55 C

 Operational temperature

from +20 up to +55 C

 Automatic limitation of withdrawing power

 Out of on- board power system at supply voltage

Less than 26 V

Possible variants of avaporators



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