Engine diagnostic system



System is intended for prevention of emergency situation at pre-start procedure and main engine start. TC-6М (alarm-signal display) signals about critical modes when in operation and about operation of power limiting mechanism. Engine diagnostic system is installed on standard places and connected using standard cables. Installation and connection are carried out in field conditions.

Main advantages:

- Control of pressure difference on a water pump and generation of a command to electromagnet of the engine stopping mechanism;

- Control of measuring channels and sensors operability;

- Generation of additional signals for forming alarm signalling by intercom system of the SOTAS M2 type.

- Registration and storage in nonvolatile memory the information on number of cases when coolant exceeded the limiting temperatures, exhaust gas oil and number of commands generated by the unit for activation of the engine stopping mechanism. («Black box»)

- Flexible operation algorithm due to the use of microcontrollers;

Technical characteristics:

Nominal supply voltage, DC, V:


 Connection diagram


 Operation mode


 Protection of instruments

           Hermetically sealed, waterproof

 Operating position


Dimensions, mm



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