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Automatic gear selector APP-172



intended for automatic shift of armoured vehicle fixed-ratio transmission gear. Automatic device is installed in driver's compartment on the right of the driver. When installing APP-172/АПП-172 change of places for installation is carried out in field conditions. Automatic device is made as a single one-piece unit, which has: APP activation toggle-switch; activation indicating LED; gear change lever with indication scale.

Supply voltage, V


Gear shift time, s


Operation mode

combined: Automatic / Manual

Connection diagram of automatic device



Dust and splash proof

Operating position


Main advantages:

- monoblock configuration

- possibility of manual gear shift with automatic device being in operation

- reduced acceleration time from rest to 50 km/h by 2-3 sec

- increased road average speed 15..20%

- reduced fuel consumption by 10..15%


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Automatic gear selector APP-172

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Automatic gear selector APP-172

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