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EN / News / JSC "NPO" Electromashina" is awarded with a silver medal at the international competition SAP Quality Awards 2012.

JSC "NPO" Electromashina" is awarded with a silver medal at the international competition SAP Quality Awards 2012.



Annually under the auspices of the SAP Quality Awards the best world projects of the year are chosen. The victory achieved by “Electromashina” confirms the professionalism of the team in implementing the innovations, high-quality of the SAP system implementation at the enterprise, growth of competitive power of our business in the long term.

Elena Asanova  - Deputy Director General for IT and business-processes modeling comments upon the subject:

- Participation in the competition of such magnitude is very important not only for the management of the plant, the project team, and the whole team. It is also important for shareholders and federal authorities in the face of "Rosobornozakaz" and "Minpromtorg". And this is a significant fact: it is one thing, when the assessment is made by the business itself, the other – when the opinion is given by the authoritative and independent jury, which has an impartial attitude to the company and evaluates the achievement in business on the basis of international standards.

"Electromashina" has come a long way implementing the corporate information system of resource management based on application of the SAP ERP software. This strategically important course of long-term development has been identified and planned in the system project for creating a vertically integrated structure of JSC "NPO" Electromashina" (developed under the supervision of Oleg Bochkarev - Director General of JSC" Electromashina" in 1999-2007).

In 2008-2010 using the SAP tools all the staff members implementing the system acquired new knowledge and experience of working in an interconnected transparent system and gradually realized the benefits of innovations in the unity of information space and working in the real time mode. In 2011 beginning the stage "Planning", the project team worked as one mechanism. Much assistance was rendered by a new Director General Oleg Dobronogov, who at the critical moment: " SAP-planning: to be or not to be?" did not turn away from the course chosen by his predecessors and fully supported the development of innovations.

Effective teamwork and the support of the management team and professional interest in the project expressed by "Rosoboronzakaz" and "Minpromtorg" helped us to achieve the project objectives in an efficient and timely manner. New approaches to the implementation of the information systems developed at "Electromashina" were evaluated by impartial jury of the world level that is proved by the silver medal of the world contest SAP Quality Awards 2012 of  the CIS region.

Today more than 300 employees of "Electromashina" work in the SAP system in the real time mode. It is through our joint efforts the status and the image of the company rose up to the international level. I sincerely thank the labor collectives of the enterprise for innovative efforts towards development, team cohesion, "jewelry” work and systematical and efficient implementation of the professionally difficult task. During realization of the project the team has seriously grown in a professional way, got considerable experience and does not intend to stop there. New heights and achievements are waiting for us!

Special thanks to: Shareholders who took the decision to implement the innovative solutions for manufacturing;

General Directors OIeg Bochkarev, Vladimir Reshetnikov, Oleg Dobronogov, Galina Ismagilova  - director of LLC "SBO-ZEM" in 2001-2011, who supervised the team at various stages of the  project , supported in overcoming the resistance to changes, at any given time they steered a course to achieve only positive results.

We are proud to be the first in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, we conquered the discrete multinomenclature manufacturing with the system automatization ERP and gained international recognition.