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Joint Stock Company "Scientific-Production Association" Electromashina" -

parent company vertically integrated structure "NPO Electromashina -

large machine-building complex for the production of electrical and automated control systems for special and general industrial use, has a deep history and strong traditions.

Quality Policy and Environment - equitable and consistent part of the overall policy and strategy of enterprises VIS.

Strategic goal - continuous improvement of business value, its potential viability for a competitive advantage and increase profits in the long term.

This will create financial stability and to realize the right:

• consumers - to a safe and reliable products which meet the demands and expectations for quality, price, timing and scope of supply, reduce risks, and in this case - the flexibility and transparency of the mutually beneficial relationship;

staff - at decent wages, workplace, social protection, a clear definition of responsibility and authority, the possibility of further development and self-realization;

the owners (shareholders) - the expected dividends on the possibility of further business development and realization of their own values;

• suppliers and partners - on the regularity of payment, the clarity of requirements for further development of mutually beneficial and long-term collaboration;

• society (state) - on unconditional fulfillment of the legislative and regulatory requirements, including tax, environmental, requirements for strategic enterprises, the requirements for ethical conduct of business.

To achieve this goal by:

• formation and development of high-tech business development, modernization, production, sales and service competitive products of assured quality, while maintaining a supportive environment for employees of the district and city;

• Coordinated a highly professional job of senior management, aimed at creating and maintaining the internal environment, the development of corporate culture, social projects;

• training and motivating employees to develop and manufacture products conforming to the requirements on time;

• use a process approach to managing activities and resources as the most effective method of improving business performance;

• identification, assessment and management of collaborative processes and significant environmental aspects as a system to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its business objectives;

• Continuous improvement processes to improve operations and reduce the impact of significant environmental aspects of the environment;

• management based on balanced scorecard;

• establish long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers of inventory required quality on time.

Top management of JSC "NPO" Electromashina accepts responsibility for providing the resources necessary to implement this Policy.

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