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Development History


NPO Electromashina (SDB "Rotor") organized in 1934 with the Moscow Electric Works. In 1941, the plant and CB were evacuated to Chelyabinsk. In 1974, a large amount of development and new business has allowed ordinary factory CB to become an independent company, SKB "Rotor". For thirty years, CSC team developed hundreds of electric motors, electronic control systems of a special, civil and dual-purpose. The main customers of developments and products are structure of the Union and the Federation and head of the enterprise developers USSR and Russia.

The work of leading professionals with years of experience as well as recent college graduates, is confirmed by author's certificates, patents and certificates. Federal State Unitary Enterprise "SDB" Rotor "transformed into open joint-stock company" Scientific-Production Association "Electromashina in accordance with the order of the Territorial Administration Ministry of Property Relations of the Chelyabinsk region of 16.07.2004, № 973-y. History SDB "Rotor" - a story of its development: from small items and blocks to complex automatic systems. Electrical and control systems are manufactured and installed on a special transport equipment supplied for the needs of the Defense Ministry, as well as other consumers abroad. In total there are over 300 items, which are designed and installed on the machines in use in over 50 countries worldwide. Given the demands of the market, our company pursues a policy of targeted technical upgrading and development of new products. Particular attention is paid to the promising development of electrical products, power unit based on diesel engines for consumers in parts of Siberia and the Far North.

Currently NPO Electromashina serially produces over 200 types and modifications of electrical equipment for Russian electric locomotives, actively implementing a program of development and manufacture of automated systems of fire fighting equipment for river vessels. In 2008. on-site workshop was organized by the New Technologies, with equipment of leading world producers, prepared by highly qualified personnel structure. Extensive experience working with government customers in Russia and a major logistical base allows NPO Electromashina offer our partners a wide range of design, preparation and implementation of projects related to various types of electrical equipment and systems, independent power supply vehicles.

Our traditional specialization:

- Power equipment and power system for heavy goods vehicles and locomotives.

- Automatic fire extinguishing system for motor vehicles, locomotives, river boats.

- Control systems of electric and low-inertia electric power up to 2 kW

- Electric motors, starters for vehicles.

- Electromagnets.

- Remote control for various systems.

New areas of business:

- Stand-alone diesel power plant.

- Air conditioning systems for special vehicles.

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Development History

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